Quality Control Inspection Services in Vietnam from Vietnam B2B Direct

Quality Control Inspection Services in Vietnam from Vietnam B2B Direct Vietnam B2B Direct has been delivering affordable, on site at factory premises in Vietnam, Quality Control Inspection Services and Quality Assurance for over 15 years. From Start-ups to Small-Medium-Enterprises to very large, Billion Dollar Companies, worldwide, our professional, efficient services will not present any surprises […]

Pet Care Retail Services in Vietnam are maturing and beginning to bloom (2018)

An Overview of the Pet Retail Industry in Vietnam One must put things in prospective in regards to the evolution of pet ownership and a supporting pet retail service industry in Vietnam. The first documented, commercial ‘small companion animal’ Veterinarian clinic opened in Hanoi in 2003 and the first licensed commercial pet retail shop opened […]

The Bag Industry in Vietnam: Product Sourcing and Low Cost Manufacturing Solutions in Vietnam

Ancient Handicraft Culture drives the modern-day Bag Industry in Vietnam The modern day bag industry in Vietnam has its roots in a rich cultural history of handicraft artisans, from more than 3,000 handicraft villages across Vietnam directly contributing to the development of the present Bag Industry in Vietnam. Handicraft artisans are employed for their design […]

Vietnam B2B Direct’s business column on Doing Business in Vietnam

Vietnam B2B Direct provides these services, Product and Company Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Procurement Services, Low Cost Manufacturing, Factory Inspections, Import / Exports, in Vietnam Vietnam B2B Direct’s Bill Gadd, CEO and Founder, agrees with the statement that, ‘Vietnam will become the low cost manufacturing hub and focus in Southeast Asia, also known as the […]

7 Reasons to choose Vietnam B2B Direct for sourcing of products and manufacturers in Vietnam

Vietnam B2B Direct is the perfect solution for your sourcing needs of products and manufacturers in Vietnam 1. Sourcing Expertise in Vietnam Vietnam B2B Direct has been sourcing for worldwide clients for the past 15 years and has acquired a strong expertise in “Business Matching.” Our Staff has visited well over 1,000 Vietnam Factories and […]

Vietnam’s economy was robust and outperformed many emerging countries in Asia in 2016

The economy of Vietnam was shining brightly in 2016, with growth at 6.2%, slightly lower than the target of 6.7 percent set by the government, while China and other emerging countries like Russia and Brazil stall. Vietnam’s GDP Growth was a top performer among the world’s fastest-economies only second to India, followed by Bangladesh and […]

Vietnam B2B Direct is proud to announce it’s 10th anniversary of doing business in Vietnam!

Happy Birthday to Vietnam B2B Direct — 10 years and growing… All of us at Vietnam B2B Direct are very proud to celebrate that our Management has been doing business in Vietnam for over 10 years, and will be here for another 10 years. We have found that the secret to success in operating and […]

ITSco – Developing Sales Channels and Sales Distribution in Vietnam

Vietnam B2B Direct announces ITSco’s (International Trade Solutions Co. Ltd. – Vietnam) new website intltradesolutionsvn.com ITSco through its family of world renowned products to both Business (B2B) and Consumers (B2C) has developed successful Sales Channels and Distribution processes and procedures in Vietnam. They have been successful in licensing or buying world branded products and acting […]

Importance of Quality Control & Quality Assurance in Manufacturing Products at Factories in Vietnam

When asked by individual Clients and Companies if they need to employ our Inspection Services to monitor Quality Control of their product in the Vietnam Factories … our answer is always a resounding “YES!” The foreign Corporate Buying and Procurement Veterans of Southeast Asia, particularly in China over the past 30 years, have the battle […]

ITSco has been appointed by Libbey as Vietnam’s Direct Importer & Distributor

International Trade Solution Co., Ltd (ITSco) has been appointed by Libbey, Inc. – Toledo Ohio USA as Vietnam’s Direct Importer and Distributor Libbey, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio USA has chosen International Trade Solution Co., Ltd to become Vietnam’s direct importer and distributor of their world famous, high quality glassware, drinkware, serveware, tableware and flatware for […]