Strong Overall Growth in Vietnam’s Economy in 2013 highlighted by the Manufacturing Sectors

Bill Gadd, CEO of Vietnam B2B Direct stated that his company has witnessed first hand the excellent growth of Vietnam`s economy and manufacturing sectors during the year 2013. “International Trade Solutions Co. Ltd. (ITSco) in Ho Chi Minh City, our Vietnam administration branch agency, increased it`s Sourcing Activities and Manufacturing Contracts by over 50% during […]

Consider Vietnam as a source of low cost manufacturing for your pet products

Also, investigate inexpensive new product development designed for export to major pet markets (North America, EU or Japan) and for local growing pet markets within the economic regions of ASEAN*, which includes Vietnam. There are a number of business strategies you can investigate in Vietnam to improve your bottom line for your pet product production, […]

Now is the time to consider low cost apparel manufacturing in Vietnam

If you have your overseas apparel manufacturing in China time to consider Vietnam with a proven track record in low cost apparel manufacturing. Bangladesh and Cambodia are cheaper but involve higher risks than Vietnam Vietnam competes directly with Bangladesh and Cambodia in providing a low cost apparel manufacturing solution in Asia. Overall, in Bangladesh and […]

Vietnam Int’l Retail + Franchise Show 2013 | Vietnam B2B Direct

The biggest Retail & Franchise Show in Vietnam. VietRF 2013 provides you with the best business platform in Vietnam Vietnam Int’l Retail + Franchise Show 2013 31 October – 2 November, 2013 SECC Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Vietnam B2B Direct wishes to announce their cooperation with COEX- the Show Promoters of the upcoming Vietnam […]

Vietnam Int’l Retail + Franchise Show 2013 Brochure

Download your copy of the Vietnam Int’l Retail + Franchise Show 2013 Brochure here: The Secret of Making Money – Vietnam INT’L Retail + Franchise Show 2013 For more detailed information about the Vietnam Int’l Retail + Franchise Show 2013 go here Promotion provided to you By Vietnam B2B Direct

‘Womenenomics” The Real Economic Force Behind the Rise of Vietnam

Recently the Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzo Abe delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly outlining the status of Japan’s economy. In one part of his speech he mentioned for structural reform of the Japanese economy and his country’s need to tap into the most underutilized economic resource in Japan: Japanese women. […]

Vietnam is a Breeding Ground for Start-up Manufacturing Projects

From concept to prototype to low cost manufacturing to eventual sales and distribution, companies from Australia, Canada, the USA and from the Euro Zone are taking advantage of the benefits offered from low cost manufacturing in Vietnam in the development of their start-up businesses and new products. And we think some truly innovative products are […]

Looking for a source of quality paper notebooks in Asia? Have you considered Vietnam?

Consider Vietnam as a source for quality and inexpensive bulk paper notebooks, manufactured directly in Vietnam Whether you are looking to source and buy paper notebooks to be used as stationary for office supplies, or for student’s school supplies and for educational institutes, or for Resale Accounts, we can offer you a quality source of […]

Cam Ranh Bay Region, Vietnam

The natural beauty and strategic practicality of the deepest sea port in South Central Vietnam Shortly before Christmas Mr. Bill Gadd, CEO of Vietnam B2B Direct and his personnel from their HCMC office visited their office in Nha Trang, a thriving tourist city of 500,000 people located in the Khanh Hoa Province of South Central […]

RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles visiting foreign students tour a textile and garment factory in Vietnam

Bill Gadd, CEO Vietnam B2B Direct arranged a full textile and garment factory tour for the visiting foreign students of the “School of Fashion and Textiles” RMIT-Australia at the Thanh Cong Textile Garment – Investment -Trading JSC, in Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City on October 1st, 2012. Mr. Tony Cooper, Lecturer – Merchandising […]