Vietnam B2B Direct Announces Country Representative Appointment for World Markets

Vietnam B2B Direct is pleased to announce its appointment as Country Representative for World Markets for the regions of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos effective immediately.

Bill Gadd, Chief Executive Officer of Vietnam B2B Direct states “that “World Markets” offers a fantastic opportunity for both Vietnam Companies and worldwide companies operating in Vietnam to showcase to the world their company’s products and services at a most professional level.” “On the other hand, it allows those individuals and companies seeking investment, trade, manufacturing, importing and exporting opportunities to source Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos very effectively!”

World Markets offers companies all around the world a marketing channel to showcase products and services on the global stage. is very easy to operate when sourcing for professional companies involved in the supply chain, says Bill Gadd. It is chalk full of micro sites showing their company information with hyperlinks to their external sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. This then allows the searcher to navigate easily very resourceful and hard to find information and it geometrically expands the client’s website’s world exposure and rankings through Google. “Talk about leveraging your worldwide reach,” says Bill Gadd who knows clearly the worldwide interest now in the Vietnam region particularly as a viable alternative to China trade.

“Vietnam B2B Direct” works with companies all over the world for Vietnam sourcing, manufacturing, importing and exporting and with 7+ years of experience it operates two offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with representation throughout North and South Vietnam. “Vietnam B2B Direct” also owns and operates BioGreen Vietnam providing solutions and manufacturing of biodegradable trash bags, biodegradable plastic film products and biodegradable packaging.

Vietnam B2B Direct’s specialties are in the areas of Sourcing Reports, Company Profiling, Business Matching, Market Intelligence, Sourcing Trade Missions and Factory Visitations, Quotations and Negotiations, Manufacturing Agreements and Quality Control Inspections, Importing and Exporting Services, and Client Representation as Managing or Buyer’s Agents.

For information on the World Markets Program for all Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos please contact Bill Gadd or visit

World News Release / Jan 4, 2012

William M. Gadd
Chief Executive Officer