Our specialties are …

  • Vietnam Sourcing Agency Reports & Market Intelligence
  • Business Matching, Sourcing Trade Missions & Factory Visits in Vietnam
  • Low Cost Manufacturing Agreements, Purchase Order Oversight & Quality Control Inspections
  • Quotations and Negotiations
  • Full Shipping Logistics & Document Oversight
  • Importing Services and Exporting Products from Vietnam
  • Client Representation as Managing or Buyer's Agent ... read more about Vietnam B2B Direct
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Vietnam B2B Direct provides Sourcing Products & Manufacturers in Vietnam, Supply Chain Management in Vietnam, Procurement Services and is a Trade Solutions Provider for Vietnamese and Worldwide companies in Vietnam.

Vietnam B2B Direct offers a wide-range of services that fall under four broad trade business in Vietnam categories:
We also ensure that our clients immediately overcome the two key challenges associated with international trading: Language & Communication Breakdown and Foreign Business & Cultural Understanding

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