7 Reasons to choose Vietnam B2B Direct for sourcing of products and manufacturers in Vietnam

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Vietnam B2B Direct is the perfect solution for your sourcing needs of products and manufacturers in Vietnam

1. Sourcing Expertise in Vietnam

Vietnam B2B Direct has been sourcing for worldwide clients for the past 18 years and has acquired a strong expertise in “Business Matching.”

Our Staff has visited well over 1,000 Vietnam Factories and we have a very detailed Internal Database of over 3,000 Vietnam Companies that we have had direct contact with in one way or another. The difficulty of “sourcing” for foreign companies is that many of the Vietnamese companies do not have websites and the Vietnamese Law states that the Factory’s namesakes must be in the Vietnamese language … all of which make it difficult for foreign companies to locate the Vietnam Manufacturer pertinent to their needs. We use 8 different methods to locate Factories of which we speak direct to the company owner or General Director or Export Sales Director. The Vietnam Sourcing Report we deliver to our clients provides a lot of key Company information such as Contact Details, the person we spoke with, their website, the products that they produce, the markets that they serve, Corporate Profile stats and much more.

2. Manufacturing Success in Vietnam

Our clients come from all over the world and manufacture here in Vietnam in almost every industry. The key to manufacturing success is “eyes, ears and boots on the ground”. In other words it is important that there is full Purchase Order Oversight and regular communication with the factory. Even though many Vietnam Factories now have English speaking personnel, the communication between the Buyer and the Factory can break down easily when it comes to artwork, printing, packaging, measurements, materials, compliance laws and regulatory laws from the Buyer’s country. Having Vietnam B2B Direct manage the Purchase Order Oversight ensures no surprises when its’ Client opens their container or shipment of goods. It is much less expensive to fix the problem before shipment than after!

3. Quality Control and Assurance: Vietnam B2B Direct has an excellent track record of product and factory quality control and assurance.

The foreign Corporate Buying and Procurement Veterans of Southeast Asia, particularly in China over the past 30 years, have the battle scars to prove that it is most important to have these “eyes, ears and boots on the ground” at all times to ensure product quality and reliability.

It is also fair to say that most Vietnam Manufacturers have very little experience directly with the final foreign consumers buying demands and expectations regarding product quality, performance and packaging to understand fully the impact when the product is not made and prepared to 100% of the Purchase Order specifications.

When asked what is the difference between Quality Control and Quality Assurance a reliable definition is the following: Quality Assurance is process oriented and focuses on defect prevention, while Quality Control is product oriented and focuses on defect identification. Vietnam B2B Direct focuses on both as per the Client’s specifications.

Vietnam B2B Direct employs a QC Engineer and QC Team of fully trained staff that visit factories on our client’s behalf for AQL Inspections and specific client requirements. Also, we have staff engaged with some factories for full in-line daily inspections.

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4. Language – never get lost in translation, we understand the language and the business culture of Vietnam.

Having visited over 1,000 Factories during the space of 18+ years for client requirements in almost every industry, Vietnam B2B Direct understands the psychology and behaviors of the Vietnamese Business Owners which results in successful negotiations and strong cooperation’s between parties. Vietnam B2B Direct has prepared numerous Sales Contracts in the Vietnamese and English Language on behalf of our clients to ensure they comply with Vietnamese Law fully protecting our clients’ rights.

Vietnam B2B Direct’s Management Group, lead by Mr. Bill Gadd with over 18 years of doing business in Vietnam, consists of well educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel trained in western business practices.

Our management and personnel expertise includes Sourcing Agent Specialists, Business Development and Sales Reps, Quality Control and Assurance Engineer, Administration Specialist, Field Agents and Content Marketing, Online Marketing and Website Management consultants.

5. Country Accessibility: do business with a company that lives and works in Vietnam

Mr. Bill Gadd, and his team and offices are located near the largest international airport in Vietnam, the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Saigon. They will make you feel comfortable right from arrival and give you peace of mind while doing business in a foreign Asian country. If desired they can arrange and provide a complete itinerary with details of your stay and visitation to factories in Vietnam. Saigon is an exciting place to live and work and becoming a dynamic business hub in Southern Vietnam, as the country transitions from a ‘frontier economy’ to ‘emerging “tiger” economy’ in Southeast Asia.

6. Doing Business by Law: abiding by the laws of the country of Vietnam

Vietnam B2 Direct has fifteen plus years of doing business in Vietnam and we know that are no short cuts to business success in Vietnam. Mr. Bill Gadd and his capable team work within the laws of Vietnam and are transparent in their business intent and operations. They strive to protect the integrity of your brands and intellectual properties (IP) as Vietnam does belong to and is a member of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

7. Trust: Vietnam B2B Direct can be your trusted source of business partnership in Vietnam

International trade solutions that span continents and time zones is difficult even for the experienced, so finding a local company in an Asian country like Vietnam that you can trust and develop a long term business relationship is the key to success. If you cannot trust and respect your country sourcing partner, then there really is no point in developing a business relationship.

Vietnam B2B Direct has a 18+ year history in Vietnam developing business relationships with some the largest companies doing business in Vietnam, along with work with smaller companies and start-ups.. We have a successful track record and a large portfolio of clients of doing business with foreign companies in Vietnam, give us a call! The American Chamber of Commerce in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam highlights Vietnam B2B Direct on their website as a “go to company” for finding the right manufacturers.

Vietnam B2B Direct provides these services:

  • Product and Company Sourcing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement Services
  • Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Factory Inspections
  • Import / Exports, in Vietnam

About Vietnam B2B Direct

Vietnam B2B Direct’s Management Group consists of well-educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel in its Vietnam operations trained in western business practices.

Vietnam B2B Direct has been serving clients worldwide for sourcing and manufacturing in all Vietnam industry sectors – Textile, Garments and Cut n’ Sew, Footwear, Plastics, Rubber, Wood Furniture, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Handicrafts, Food and Beverage etc.

Vietnam B2B Direct’s focus is on building trade agreements between worldwide companies and Vietnam businesses by providing full supply chain management services in sourcing, manufacturing, importing and exporting.

Contact Mr. Bill Gadd at billgadd@VietnamB2BDirect.com to discuss your plans for sourcing a low cost manufacturing solution in Vietnam … or complete our inquiry form here

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Vietnam B2B Direct’s Management Group consists of well educated English-speaking Vietnamese Personnel in its Vietnam operations trained in western business practices.

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