Vietnam B2B Direct Client Testimonials

A few testimonials of satisfied Vietnam B2B Direct’s clients:

“I have had the great pleasure of working closely with Mr. Gadd and his team at Vietnam B2B Direct. Due to their exemplary service and unsurpassed expertise, Ultra International has been able to vastly expand our product offerings from the country of Vietnam. The end result for Ultra has been a tremendous savings in comparison to like services from China. My sincerest thanks to the entire Vietnam B2B Direct team.”

Harry Singer, President
Ultra International

“Bill Gadd and his staff in Vietnam gave exceptional customer service and took great initiative in helping our customers feel at home while away from home and searching for quality sourcing partners. They took the time to review each factory and the services they provided before taking our customers to the sites. I highly recommend Vietnam B2B Direct as a sourcing partner.”

Carm Crawford
Global Event Management LLC.

“Through Vietnam B2B Direct we now have all the advantages of a full operation in Vietnam at just a fraction of the cost.

As a result, we have succeeded in broadening our manufacturing base while limiting our risk but still realizing all the potential rewards.”

David Shapiro, Director
Its Academic International Ltd. USA

“In the sometimes hazy world of business in a different language and culture, Bill Gadd and his excellent staff at Vietnam B2B Direct has shone a beacon of clarity, navigating potential pitfalls and problems in business partnerships and contracts before they even arise. Vietnam B2B Direct’s excellent localised knowledge on the ground helps cut through red tape at an efficient rate of knots, and we are delighted he stands at our side as our right hand partner in Vietnam.”

Rob Moran, CEO
INSTA-FIX LTD, United Kingdom

“Working with Bill Gadd has been a pleasure. Having imported exclusively from China in the past, I was anxious about entering the Vietnamese market. Bill provided outstanding service and the highest level of professionalism. Bill offered access to quality products and provided timely updates on the status of my shipment. As a small business owner, I can’t afford to experience glitches in ordering or delivery. Bill Gadd and his Vietnam team made sure that didn’t happen. They worked hard to earn my business and I will certainly be a repeat customer.”

Greg Jones
Pencil Wholesale Corp.
Kansas City, Missouri USA

“Bill Gadd had been the greatest asset to our growth in the last 3 years. We have used “Vietnam B2B Direct” for everything from sourcing manufacturers, factory visits, arranging logistics and introductions. His team’s expertise leaves no limit to what can be done in Vietnam, trust in “Vietnam B2B Direct” and you will not be disappointed. “

William J Shaw
Walk & Co.
Halifax, Canada