BioGreen Vietnam has many years experience in manufacturing traditional plastic bags in Vietnam. We now recognize the world’s need for biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable bags especially as many companies go “green” understanding the value of protecting our environment. This is a growing environmental movement and offers a first mover opportunity for many companies in the world to participate through Consumer or B2B sales, or through the internal company/institutional use of biodegradable bags to bolster one’s corporate image …or simply to be compliant with today’s responsibilities to our planet earth and our government regulations.

BioGreen Vietnam – A Division of Vietnam B2B Direct produces its own brand of biodegradable bags “BioGreenKing” …

High Quality Bags at Value Pricing! Our advantage is that we have “World Competitive Pricing” … All Bags, All Sizes, All Thicknesses, All Biodegradable … due to the fact that we manufacture with reputable – ethically sourced suppliers in Vietnam which employ a low cost labor force.

BioGreen Vietnam can produce various plastic bags and plastic film using the different biodegradable chemical additives such as EPI (Canada), P-Life (USA), D2W (UK) or BioCom (Singapore). Our products come with Certificates of Quality and certified recognized standards of biodegradability and degrade within a two-year period or less.


We can private label, custom manufacture or simply sell you our own brand of biodegradable, oxo-biodegradable bags, printed or non-printed, single or multi-colored of numerous bag or plastic film types meeting many different worldwide industry requirements.

Examples of different Biodegradable Bag types that can be produced:

World Competitive Pricing

For Customized Quotations or Further Information please contact …
William M. Gadd, International Sales