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Whether you are looking to source and buy paper notebooks to be used as stationary for office supplies, or for student’s school supplies and for educational institutes, or for Resale Accounts, we can offer you a quality source of bulk paper notebooks manufactured directly in Vietnam at world class competitive pricing.

If you require various cover designs, spiral or tape binding, 30 count to 100 count pages, special ruling, special packaging requirements all of which we can accommodate your manufacturing needs!

For years, Bill Gadd, CEO of Vietnam B2B Direct has been instrumental in the growth of the paper notebook industry and the manufacture of paper composition notebooks, themed paper notebooks and paper tablets in Vietnam.

Paper notebooks are not just a seasonable business in Vietnam for Vietnam B2B Direct, it is an all year round business where we operate within the full school year, school holidays and vacation periods. Bill Gadd, CEO, Vietnam B2B Direct

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